...not real, but it might as well be... think there weren't  people up there?


Rabid Hills Made Glass

By Alfred Lehmberg




I'm doing too much thinking (and then not enough by far) as society subsumes
no need for me...  Discarded and abandoned, I am placed upon their trash heap
of the handily rejected, but I'm FREE

I'm free to think the thoughts I'd
think for reading different books.  I'm free to check credulity that's been
strained but rocks and cooks.  I'm free to find my own path, as I've now the
TIME to see... though it's what I've not been "hearing" that could mean much more to me.

And what I've not been hearing are the songs that sing for sense... that we
hear from time to time in calmer times.  Is it true that they've been banned
across this land that is the savior of ideas wrought and woven
into rhyme? 

And if that's true then what becomes of freedom we have
gained?  What about our LIBERTY to sing a strange refrain?  What's the fate
of PROCESS that's a right we thought was due?  What of INDEPENDENCE we've been taught was just the truth?

Now, I believe that we have done egregious things to folks, in a chase for
profit's dollars ill conceived...  And we are not ~all~ blameless in the current
state of turmoil that the U.S. has in fact, for this, achieved... 

would return us to a DARK age we thought past, and that's enough to bring him down, and turn his hills to glass!  That's enough to stamp him out and bring
the war to him... to ROOT him from his hiding place by flower, seed, and

Now I would try for balance and employ an alien view, so I draw back from
the problem as I can...  There's too many that must HATE us, if their
reasons are unfounded, far too many than this writer understands... 

they've sworn that they must KILL me, they would make my future DIE!  They
would subjugate all women to a life of torment... WHY?  They'd impose
their cruel religion, their distortion of the facts, and they'd tell me
how, then, I MUST live...  And sooner HELL than that...

It's why I say, "Use Nukes...right now". Why pussy-foot around?  My son and
I are fodder for the cannon!  And I don't want us dead because some shallow piss-wit *fundies* have an ITCH that they're not scratching
-- NUKE "Bin Laden".

...Now how is this consistent with my liberal point of view?  I want
to save the present and the future -- see it through!  Terrorism turns back
clocks!  Fanatics are despised! They'd return the middle ages, and for that,
friend, they must DIE...


...Turn these rabid fundamentalists to glass, whatever their country, stripe, or flavor!  I'll deal with the inevitable regret later on, fully appreciating that it would ~not~ be felt for me... Right, wrong, or indifferent!  I won't dance in the face of THEIR misfortune like they have danced for mine.  Right wrong or indifferent... then we'll hunt Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell (and their apologists!) the same way, and for the same reasons! 


Religious Fundamentalism be DAMNED! 


You are the fundamental enemy, sir or madam!  YOU are the abomination!  YOU are the insanity we generate, the ignorance we cleave to, and the misery that we endure!  Moreover, you create your own enemies because they won't sign on for your cultural Tyrannies, your canted Prerogatives, and your twisted Views.  They won't validate your inbred and mal-affected corruption of faith


Faith is supposed to mean efficacious hope, you boorish monsters!  You've turned faith into a justification of your ignorance, your cowardice, and your crass authoritarianism! 


But mostly it is oppressive fundamentalist arrogance that is most offensive, as if a God that you created in your own image to do your bidding was the ~remotest~ justification for your intrusive, mal-homogenizing, and unwarranted behavior! 

Religious Fundamentalism be DAMNED!
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"I cleave the heavens, and soar to the infinite. What others see from
afar, I leave far behind me." - Giordano Bruno, scourged by the scurrilous.

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